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Fall Family Photoshoot Insight

Fall has arrived at a startling speed and already, we see ourselves in the first week of November with those leaves beginning to dull and fall. While the warm weather is fleeting, the holiday season brings warm feelings to us all as we prepare for another season of love and togetherness. However, this season is going to look different for many. Many people have not seen their friends or family for most of the year. Celebrations have come and gone with less people there to celebrate. Therefore, a card this holiday season capturing the family together as they are this year could be the perfect way to show those you love and miss what you have been up to and how the family is growing this year! Also, while this will be a year to remember for many reasons, a photoshoot would be the perfect way to capture this year and put a positive spin on it all.

I had the privilege of getting together with the Kearley family recently to have a fun, fall evening capturing this time in their lives. I am thankful for my longtime friendship with this family as they are some of the most amazing, loving, inspiring people that I have ever met, and I missed seeing them. When they messaged me asking to do a shoot, I was ecstatic at the thought of getting to do a photoshoot with this family.

Here, I have included some of the shots that I got from this fall family photoshoot and included some tips and tricks for your next shoot:

Part 1

Getting down on the ground as a photographer allows you to capture a unique angle of the group while also making sure the scenery is present in the image as well. Here, I got on the ground and shot up as they strolled arm-in-arm kicking their legs up and having a good time. This also prompts laughter, smiles, and some funny faces. It is also not your basic family pose.

Here is yet another example of getting low and shooting upwards. I had them all look at each other and smile in this scene. While it sounds awkward to do so, it is! This creates more laughs which allows for genuine emotion and expressions while also encouraging not everyone to look at the camera.

This photo was taken right after the parents kissed as I had their kids looking at them and making a face as they kissed. The posed shock/gross look that kids give during that type of posed shot is basic but cute; however, what comes after is this! The kids are laughing and smiling and the couple has just come out of a kiss and is still close together and the look of love is in their eyes and on their faces.

Couple poses are always a favorite of mine. I am a sucker for love and these two just made me want to cry they were so cute! Here, I simply asked them to hold hands and put their foreheads together. The great thing about couples is that when you give them simple directions where they can be close together and look into each other's eyes… magic happens. You can tell on their faces how much they care for each other. This just captures their love perfectly.

This pose may be generic but this photograph ended up being one of my favorite pictures of the entire shoot. Have siblings of any age be back to back and look at you and you will have an adorable photo. The parents also love these type of shots because the kids are together looking happy. Their smiles and body language in this photo just scream happy.

Another couples photograph of the parents as they embrace once more. Here, I was in a standing position while they were sitting on the rocks. This allowed me to have a higher view that gave me the opportunity to include the beautiful, autumn background while still catching the couple. Here, I told them to embrace and for him to kiss her cheek. This was taken just prior to him having kissed her cheek and I love his simple look of being in love and her excitement and laughter.

Siblings hugging is always gold for a family photoshoot. I had those pictures as well and they were fantastic; however, as you are gathering, I love the moments after the posed shot. Here, he was hugging her as they were both looking at me and this is just after that moment. I love her look of pure happiness and his smile at her. Wonderful moment of sibling love!

There were too many to choose from to just do one blog post about this shoot; so, check back next week for Part 2 and to get more insight on the process behind the pictures!!

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