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Heirloom Insurance Part 2

Last week, we began our discussion on why professional photography is worth the money and the time. To see the first part, look back on last week's blog. Now, continue to read about why professional photographs are your "heirloom insurance".

So what do professionals offer to you? Well, as Janelle Anderson of Janelle & Co. stated, “‘There is going to be a difference in dedication, skill and talent in a photographer who has been doing events for a long time, than in snapping a quick photo,’ said Andersen, who has been a professional photographer for nine years and specializes in weddings and elopements. ‘We are looking at angles, lighting, leading lines, ratios, so many things. In layman’s terms, we are looking at how to create the best photo, not just simply ‘snap’ a quick photo,’” (Lenz, Idaho State Business Journal). The difference between someone who takes photographs on their phone or even just has a camera is that the professional knows how to use their camera because they spent hours of learning about it and practicing. They also have a process and know what goes into making a great image and can make it happen. A professional also knows how to direct their subjects and make everyone look cohesive. On top of that, professionals also invest in high-quality equipment that produces the best images. Phone images do not have the digital capacity to produce a high quality large, printed image. It is very difficult to get a large print for your wall of a picture that you or someone else took on a phone.

Professional quality photography is a lot more than pushing a button and giving someone a SIM card. This expert gives a brief explanation about pricing justification and some of what goes into it:

“I have heard complaints about pricing because of the readily available camera phones that are out there,” he said. “‘Wow that is a lot’ or ‘My friends can do it’ is something that I have heard many times. I respect everyone’s decision to go with a photographer that fits their needs, and I will back up what I charge, knowing what I have invested in. … Photography is an investment, and you get what you pay for. You are not just paying someone to push the shutter button; you are paying for a small business, their education, their equipment and their specialized skill.”

I encourage you to read these articles as they detail more about what goes into the process and why photographers do what they do and charge what they charge. It is also time that you were in some pictures too! There’s always one person who ends of doing most of the picture taking but there’s going to be no evidence of them because they are never in the picture!

Have you seen what a raw photo coming out of a camera looks like? Well, let’s step back for a moment. Real professionals shoot in RAW format on the camera because of many reasons but to make it simple, because it produces more data within that one image than say, a JPEG can. Then, professionals take those images and download them through a specific software system. After that, they edit them to make them look like what you see on their website and what you actually want. They do all of this to give the images that you expect. Set all of that aside; why are they worth it? Facebook, Instagram and your computer won’t be around in 30 years.


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Disclaimer: Given the current situation in our world right now, I realize how important it is that we remain distant and safe. Therefore, I would like to assure you that if you are to do a shoot with me, we can remain safely distant from one another. I will also wear a mask during the shoot. I want to make sure you and I are both safe and feel safe during this time that we so desperately miss, deserve, and need… fun!

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