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One of the most powerful things about any art form is its ability to create emotion. Photography is such a unique art form in that you can see and attempt to experience that emotion just by looking at it. If it’s a photograph of you or ones you love, you feel what that time, that moment, that season was like. If it is a photo that you have never seen or that you admire, it can make you feel. That is my goal as a photographer; to make people feel!

I hope that everyone’s holiday weekend was safe and fun! This week, I am sharing some photographs that have inspired me throughout my life and some even inspired me to become a photographer! Some photos may seem cliché and some you may have never seen before. They all have different feels and different vibes which makes me want to continue to expand my portfolio and push myself into the comfortability of shooting new make people feel!

Here is my list of some of the top photographs that have inspired me as a photographer, in no particular order:

Afghan Girl By Steve McCurry

This is an obvious pick and is an extremely famous portrait. In preparing for this blog, I took a look back at my Pinterest board for photography that I started in middle school and this picture of the Afghan Girl was on there multiple times throughout the past ten years. There is something so special and so specific about this image. It takes you to that place and puts you in her shoes, even if just for a moment. Her piercing green eyes make you feel. For me, it begins with frightened then aware then sorrowful then aware and then proud. The red afghan circles her face in a way that brings you back to the center. This photo is so widely recognized and inspires me to create work that could be this well known. It inspires me to dream big! It made me want to work for National Geographic for a long time.

Carolina By Alessio Albi

Carolina is another image that I have admired for some time now. It is so different from my usual work and style. The photograph almost gives me horror movie vibes while all at the same time giving my both sultry and mystery. There is even purity behind the photograph. This photograph makes me feel curious, suspense, ease, discomfort, vulnerable, and distant all within split seconds of the previous feeling. The reflection brings you back to the center and her face brings you to the reflection. Looking deeper, I notice her sweater, the framing of her hair, her lip color. All of these things leave me wanting her to step into that sliver of light and let me see her and know her story.

Blake Lively being the subject is what first drew me to this photograph. She is my favorite celebrity and I admire her and her work so much. This photo is so captivating to me. The play on the 60’s style hair and clothing makes it something intriguing in this time. The red shoe pops out of the picture that is consumed with white. Yet, her facial expression and the angle of her body make it to where she still is the dominant force in the image. It gives an elegance, a classiness, a chic feel. The makeup, the hair, the outfit, the room, and her facial expression all give this away without driving the viewer away. If I was to model, I would jump at the chance to recreate this shoot!

The Mirages by Alexander Yakovlev

This portrait and others in its collection have always fascinated me. Their elegance, their harshness, their simplicity, and their strength are all captured in a black and white. Being an athlete for all of my life, I can have a personal admiration for the dancer depicted in his photograph. The strength that she has to have both mentally and physically. I also am obsessed with the art of adding powdered elements into an image to not take away from but enhance the subject. I think Yakovlev does this so strategically in this image. The chalk adds to the athletic element of the photo without making it harsh. It adds a beauty to the image without making it soft but in fact makes it stronger. The angle of the photograph indicates every single aspect of the dancer that needs to be highlighted. His work is beautiful.

Cara Delevinge- The Telegraph Newspaper

Cara Delevinge’s photo shoot for The Telegraph Newspaper has always been a favorite of mine. It reminds me of an extremely classy take on boudoir photography. I have admiration for such photographic art. This photograph is both sensitive and vulnerable while also being strong and powerful. Sensual photographs can be seen as trashy, flashy, weak, but that is not for all boudoir. This shoot was a bedroom shoot but done in such an elegant and classy way. I believe that, especially with more sensual shoots, black and whites make them even more effective. The white sheets with a white background from the light coming in through the window contrasting with her body while she continues contrast with white draping around her. The jewelry adds an elegance as well. Delevinge, as a model, is so fascinating to look at as her facial features are so captivating.

Zoe Kravitz By Zoey Grossman for Rolling Stone

This Rolling Stone shoot with Zoe Kravitz was actually in reference to her mother’s shoot with Rolling Stone many years ago. The particular photograph that I chose here is of Kravitz in a white head towel with her face damp and her hair framing her face. This type of raw and real photography is something that I love. Love how it is a minimal makeup look and has that raw beauty look and feel. This is also fiercely beautiful. It’s Bold!

Blair and Chuck- Elle Japan Magazine

For this photograph, I could only find Pinterest links and none to the original Elle article. However, this is a photograph I have loved for years. I admire how different it is and how bold. It is very female empowered as it is typically the female that is sitting down and the man is towering above. It also shows desire and a unique way. The way it depicts the couple in black but all made up also shows the sultry in the image. I have yet to see another photograph like it. I love the power in this photo.

Blake Lively By Mario Testino

Another Blake Lively photo, I know, but she is such an amazing model and actress that she creates incredible art. I actually wrote about this image for a photography class in college. There is strength, beauty, sexiness, power, and athleticism all wrapped up in this photograph. The lines on her suit, her wetsuit hanging around her waist, her arms framing her perfectly as she holds the board. It is all precise. The yellow board pops off the pale blue sky while a more intricate and interesting blue wades at her feet. The colors all play together to highlight the subject and make it interesting but also keep it about her. Her facial expression gives a tired yet powerful mood to the image. It appears as if she has overcome the waters and powered through!

Lastly, this photographer captured such a pure moment from two people in love on their wedding night. I am obsessed with the smiles on their faces and how close they are. Even though they are in the middle of their extravagant, Parisian wedding, they are so enthralled with each other. These are the types of moments that I aim to capture at weddings. This is the type of moment I hope my photographer will capture of me and my husband one day. This photograph makes me feel happy, makes me feel like love is in the air around me. It makes people feel hope for a love that gives you your best friend for life and a smile like that on your face.

I hope these photographs have created an emotion in you. Let me know what photographs have inspired you and created an emotion, stuck with you throughout time.

Make sure to tune in next week for a big GIVE AWAY!!!

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