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Top 10 Favorite Photoshoot Locations

Living in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains gives me plenty of breathtaking scenes to capture. It is a blessing to be able to live in such a raw, real, and radiant landscape! However, I don’t always have the privilege of shooting outside, but, thankfully, I have some beautiful indoor options as well. So, I have broken down my top 10 (10 being the highest) favorite places to shoot around Asheville, NC!

  1. Laundry Mat: Laundry mat shoots are all the rage right now. They too have this playful, youthful feel while bringing you back in time. These shoots usually have a more eclectic, retro vibe.

  2. Ice cream shops: An ice cream shop screams fun, young, and vibrant all while knocking on nostalgia's door. This is, of course, more fun in the summer where you can really get playful do to it being in season. Outfits that match the theme make it all the more fun; plus, you get a delicious treats out of it.

    1. The Hop

    2. Coldstone

    3. Marble Slab

    4. Kilwins

  3. Riverarts District: The Riverarts District is a popular location in Asheville that has been the backdrop for quite a few of my shoots. Here, there is an edgier, more eclectic, Asheville vibe. The railroad tracks are always a fun backdrop that people love to get to shoot by. There is even a graffiti wall that is a wonderful, fun, vibrant backdrop for a great photoshoot!

  4. Your University: Even if you aren't a senior who's graduating, getting some pictures done on your University campus can be a blast! You get to see where all the picture perfect scenes are, you can capture yourself at your favorite spot on campus, you get to keep those memories. Of course, if you are graduating, senior pictures at the school are a must!

  5. Biltmore Lake: Biltmore Lake is located, as the name suggests, on Biltmore property; however, this location is free and you do not have to be a member of the community to go to the lake. Here, there is a dock that overlooks the water, boats, a playground, a picnic area, and much more. This is a great location for families and pets to do a shoot at as it is outdoors and has fun for the whole family!

  6. Homes: You are most comfortable in your home and it has all your memories, who you are, what you like, all in one space. Getting by a window and getting to snap shots of couples together in their first home is a blast. You know the space more than anyone so this is a great location.

  7. The Blue Ridge Parkway: Get in the car and go explore the parkway! Have somewhere in mind that's a favorite spot? A special spot? Somewhere you've always wanted to go? This is a fun way to do a shoot that's full of adventure and gorgeous views!

  8. Downtown Asheville: Downtown Asheville holds a ton of variety when it comes to photographs. Whether its architecture, lifestyle, business, street, nature, portrait, or even wedding photography, you’re sure to walk away with some amazing shots. From hotels, to rooftops to parking decks. From the courthouse to the Grove Arcade to Wall Street, and to the new Asheville Museum. From Splashville to the courtyard to the drum circle. There are so many different vibes that can be part of a shoot in downtown! Many of the photographs on my website were taken in downtown Asheville (Go check them out!).

  9. Botanical Gardens: Tucked in the trees by UNCA is the always beautiful, Botanical Gardens. For as long as I can remember, my family Christmas card shoot has been at the Botanical Gardens. This scene pops in the fall and is a picturesque landscape of that mountain fall people travel here for. With creeks, lawns, cabins, and gorgeous foliage, this is one of my favorite places to shoot. It never disappoints.

  10. The Biltmore Estate: This may seem like an obvious one for those who know of the famous landmark but it holds so many options as a photographer. Here, I have wondered around by myself all day listening to music and capturing the gorgeous views, the mind blowing architecture, the magnificent gardens and greenhouses, the animals, and the people. These backdrops can aid wonderfully in capturing an individual or group of individuals in a natural environment. Many of the nature shots that you can view on my website were taken at The Biltmore (Go check them out!).

    1. At The Biltmore Estate: I recommend visiting the following:

    2. Antler Hill Village

    3. The Winery

    4. The Lagoon

    5. The Gardens

    6. The House

I have had the privilege of shooting at each of these locations. Do you have a favorite location to do photoshoots? Think I need to add to my list? I would Love to hear what you have to say!

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