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What's In My Bag?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

After taking a break, B Bold Blog is back!! Back with some more photography information and insight. Whether your a fellow photography, a newbie, a perspective client, or just curious, I think that there is something in here for everyone!

So, I have put together a detailed list of what I always have in my camera bag. I shoot with Canon; so, as you can see, much of my equipment is Canon. In bold, you will see what I typically Always have on my camera.


Canon 580EXII Speedlite

PT-DFLEXT1C External Flash



Canon 5D Mark II Full Frame Body

Canon 24-105mm L-Series Lens (Primary)

Canon 70-200mm L-Series Image Stabilizer Lens

Canon 28-135mm Lens

Canon Battery Grip BG-E6

Canon Battery Charger


CF Cards

CF Card Readers

(Cleaning the Camera)

Lens Q-tips

Air Puffer for Lens

Commander Lens Cleaner

Lens Cleaning Cloths (One attached to my camera at all times)



Bobby Pins

Small Hair Rubber Bands

Standard Hairbands

Notepad and Pen

Feminine Care Products

AA & AAA Batteries

And it all comes in...

Amazonbasics camera bag with a rain cover

I believe in order to create quality images, it is important to have quality equipment and knowledge. I have invested in quality equipment and a quality education in photography to be able to prepare me to create memories for myself and others.

I have multiple external light sources that I only use when I absolutely need to. I am not personally a fan of using artificial light nor do I care for the look of it in the final image. However, desperate times call for it and I like to make sure I am prepared.

Along with that quality equipment, I make sure I have what I need to keep it in good shape. I make sure to never be rough on my lenses. I always have lens caps on when I am not shooting. When I am transferring lenses, I always make sure to do so quickly, safely, and in a clean environment. I also have tools to keep my equipment clean throughout a shoot. Some added bonuses of my camera bag are that it rolls, it can turn into a backpack, and it has a rain jacket of its own! All of this helps insure that my equipment is safe inside.

In making sure I have the best shoot possible, I like to make sure I am prepared in every way possible. That means being prepared for any cuts, scrapes, accidents, or even just fashion needs. I am ready for my clients and myself.

So, that is what I have in my bag. What do you have in yours? What do you think I should add? Let me know!

Let me know what else you would like to see on the blog!

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