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What Should I ... ?

As a photographer, I receive a lot of of questions. Most have to do with the sentence, "What should I ...". So, I have put together a list of some of my answers to some of these popular questions.

What should I wear?

- Seasonal: Wear something that goes with the season that you are having your shoot in. Wear colors that compliment the season and that compliment you during that season. Wear something that you are going to be comfortable in in terms of temperature and what the season brings.

- Comfortable: There are many layers to this. Wear clothes that you are not going to be tugging at all shoot, that you can move in, and that you feel confident in. Also, think about the setting of the shoot and if your outfit (including shoes) is going to be conducive to the environment that you are going to be in.

- Theme: What is the theme of the shoot? What vibe are you going for? Why are you doing the shoot? These answers will all help guide you into what you should wear. If it is a family card photo session, wear complimenting colors with each other. If it is a birthday shoot, wear something that highlights who You are. If it is a couples photoshoot, wear colors that coordinate. An outfit can make or break a theme in the final product.

** Comfort and flattering**

What should I NOT wear?

- Uncomfortable: This pertains to what I discussed above; clothes that do not fit well, clothes that you cannot move well in, and just clothes that you do not feel confident and good about your image in.

- Inconvenient: Much of this has to do with environment. If you will be in an outdoor area, you have to account for the setting. Shoes are the biggest factor here. Stilettos do not work in grass and gravel very well. Also, if you are out in nature and it has just rained or snowed, your shoe choice is also very important. Do not wear your new white Vans if it rained heavy last night and you are doing a shoot in the park. Also, wind is a factor. The type of fabric and the lay of your outfit will be affected by the wind.

**Uncomfortable and Not practical**

What should I bring?

- Makeup: Bring the go to makeup bag with your concealer, highlight, and mascara for touch ups. Bring the lip-gloss/lipstick as well because you will want to do a touch up.

- Hair Products: You will want to bring hairbands, bobby-pins, hair clips. This definitely depends on what your hairstyle is for the shoot but be prepared if it needs a touch-up or if the style falls. Hairspray if your hair needs it.

- Outfits: This depends on what the shoot is going to be but if you are doing an outfit change, make sure you bring everything you need for the next outfit. This includes undergarments that go with the new outfit as well as shoes and accessories.

- A Plan: This plan should be discussed with the photographer prior to the shoot day. It should also be discussed with everyone participating in the shoot. Everyone being on the same page makes it easier for everyone involved and will limit the likelihood of a fight during the shoot. This plan also includes some ideas about the types of shots you want. Again, these should be discussed prior to day-of; but, this helps the photographer make sure they are getting the golden shots that you want to leave with.

- An Excited Mood: While the day and the lead-up to the shoot might be stressful, make sure that you try your best to have fun! Your true mood and feelings will come through in the photos. This is supposed to be a fun activity of making and preserving memories.

** A Plan and Some Back-Ups**

**** Good Mood ****

These are just some of the answers to some of the questions that I get as a photographer. I would love to hear your questions and your answers. Let me know what YOU think!

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