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New Years Goals

As 2020 came to a close, many reflected on the year just had. The ups, the downs, the successes, the failures, the improvements, the downfalls. Many make "New Years Resolutions", some make vision boards, some just head into the new year. The real goal is to set realistic goals and stick to them. So many times, people set lofty goals that they have no plans on how to get to those goals. For example, in college, I was a cardio dance instructor. The gym was never more packed, my class was always full, the week classes started back. It would stay that way for a few weeks, then, when the semester started to pick up and the year moved forward, those numbers would drop in a noticeable way. People have high energy going into the year and then it fizzles out. That is why, I believe, setting goals while also making a plan for how to reach those goals is very important. So, I am sharing 3 goals for my professional life and 3 goals for my personal life that I will share with you all. After stating these, I will also explain the reason and a brief plan on how I plan to accomplish them. I hope this may inspire you to think about your plans and goals for the new year.

Professional Life

1. Spend more time with my camera

The purpose of this is to get more practice in and get better at certain shots and in different lighting environments. If I spend more time having my camera with me and practicing different shots, I will feel more comfortable and confident during shoots.

I plan on making this happen by having my camera ready to go in a backpack camera bag at all times. This way, whenever I head out, I can easily take it with me making it more convenient and more likely that I will shoot.

2. Branch out of my comfortable zone

The purpose of this is to encourage myself to try new things and get more comfortable in different environments and doing different kinds of shoots.

I plan on making this happen by going out with friends and family and trying different types of things than I am used to. When clients come forward with a unique idea, I will be familiar with trying new things; and, maybe I will have already practiced that on my own!

3. Expand my clientele

The purpose of this is that I love getting to meet new people and here their stories and capture their special moments. Getting to shoot with different families, different couples, different animals, different people would be so rewarding and I feel that each shoot teaches me more and is a fun experience for everyone involved! It would be a privilege to get to be a part of capturing more people's moments.

I plan on making this happen by being more diligent in my advertising and posting. To meet new people and to shoot with them, I have to engage with them and get them interested first.

Personal Life

  1. Be a more intentional friend

The purpose of this is to show the people in my life how meaningful they are to me and how much I value them. I want people to know that they can count on me and that I am thinking about them.

I plan on making this happen by talking with my friends more often and specifically asking them how they are doing. Personally, I have the problem of talking more than listening because I want to relate or I want to fix a problem. I want to be intentional in the new year about listening more and letting others know I care about their lives and issues.

2. Be more intentional in my faith life

The purpose of this is to grow closer to God and get closer to the purpose that He has for me in my life. Getting closer to Him would also inspire me to be more like Him and, therefore, witness to others more.

I plan on making this happen by starting out the year reading the Bible at least 3 times a week. This is a slow start to get me into the habit of getting into His word. As the year progresses, I can begin to make this more frequent. I also plan to listen to more messages, sermons, and faith based songs.

3. Be healthier

The purpose of this is to get healthier and prepare a routine practice of eating better and staying active. As I get older and busier with work and life, I need to establish a routine that I can fall back on.

I plan on making this happen by preparing more meals for myself and not going out to eat or driving through places as often. My fiancé and I have had a plan to keep each other accountable in eating better and working out more often. Having a partner that will keep you on track has proven to be effective. I want to set the goal of working out in some way at least 3 times a week. As this becomes routine, I can add more days.

So, those are my 6 goals for 2021, why I am doing them, and how I plan to stick to them and make them happy.

I am thankful for all of the things I have learned in 2020 and all the ways I have grown. It has not been the easiest year but many blessings have shown themselves and I plan on beginning 2021 thankful and ready to tackle the new year.

I hope this holiday season has brought you many blessings and that the new year is fruitful for you and yours!

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