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How I Got Into Photography

Hello B Bold Photography followers!

Starting a website for my photography brand has been such an incredible blessing. I have been met with so much support and love throughout this process. Thank you to everyone who has been there for me! It truly means the world to me! So, I have decided to add a little something to B Bold... A blog!

I have experience in blogging and find it impactful and a wonderful way of storytelling. So, I will be posting a new story to my blog every week. Tune-in to see new posts about me, about photography, about the things I love and the people I love. Today's topic: How I Got Into Photography!

Coming from a family of photographers, I guess you could say that photography was in my blood. My Nana went through life taking pictures and was a NASCAR and wedding photography for many years. She passed this down to my mom who, for the late 90's, was a mom who documented her children very well (this was, of course, before the smart phone era). They have both instilled in me a love of photography.

I received my first camera, a simple Canon Point-and-Shoot, for my sixth birthday. My Facebook, when I finally got one, was flooded with pictures I had taken in my yard, of my family, and of myself that I had taken with my little camera. Facebook became a platform for my love of photography, my middle school thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, and my sports accomplishments. Fortunately, I was able to continue to take pictures and ended up developing some skills over time.

When attending AC Reynolds High School, I joined the yearbook and eventually became Photo Editor for the staff. Through that experience, I was able to learn many different aspects of not only photography, but also working with a creative team. Yearbook offers an array of photography styles; from lifestyle to clubs to sports and more. Then, the organization aspect also lent me the experience of developing a creative eye and composing that with others. When I was leaving high school, I believed that I would major in photography in college.

When arriving at Appalachian State University, I realized that photography would be my minor. While this may seem like a downgrade of importance, it ended up being the best decision. I ended up majoring in Communications with a focus on Advertising and minoring in Commercial Photography and Nonprofit Management. My time in photography courses throughout my three-and-a-half years in school (I graduated a semester early), I got to learn so much about the art, the style, the nuances of it all. I also was able to experience different styles and types of photography and learn from other young photographers with different styles.

Throughout this time, I was able to grow my photography business and develop a small clientele. The story is long from over for me; in fact, it is only the beginning. I create this brand and this website for the purpose of spreading awareness of what I have to offer. I have a lifetime of experience and love for this art. I have an education to back me up. I have the passion and the eye to prove why you and yours should choose B Bold Photography. You could be a part of this next chapter; and it is my hope that you choose to B Bold with me!

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Great article! May the Lord bless you in your new adventure you will do great! It has been such a pleasure watching you grow into a beautiful and kind young lady!

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